5 Advantages of Being in a Sorority

I am beyond proud to say that I am a member of the Alpha Sigma Tau sorority. This organization is already shaping me into a better individual. This is one of the many advantages of being a part of the Greek community. Never a Dull Moment With 100 plus sisters you can imagine that more times than not, we are laughing when we are together. there is never a time that I find myself bored on the weekends. I can always find something to do with my sisters. Whether we plan a fun night out on the town, a low-key … Continue reading 5 Advantages of Being in a Sorority

How Hard Can It Be?

WARNING: Do NOT try this at home I have no idea what was going through my mind when I decided that giving my best friend Lizzie highlights was an intelligent idea. Yes highlights, the ones that involve hair and bleach. Blonde or Brown? The whole situation arose when Lizzie asked my other friend and roommate Livi, and I if we had voted on her twitter poll. We both looked at her with confused looks, and replied that neither of us had even seen the tweet. Casually, Lizzie explained that she had put up a poll on twitter asking all of … Continue reading How Hard Can It Be?